June 19, 2007


Maybe you're not as anal as me and don't have any need for crazy rock'n'roll things like todo lists. However, if by any chance you are then Todoist is what you need. Not only is it a very nice neat design, the interaction (via judicious use of ajax) is nigh on perfect. No click is left unacknowledged; no page leaves you wondering what you should click next; the help screen is always a single instant click away (as is most of it really).  You can add new lists, create sub-lists (via indenting), colour code, and even give every item a date (via a cunning little command based interface) which is all just lovely. There some screen casts to help you get started and a host of shortcuts, an api, gmail integration, mobile access etc etc etc.

Bye bye tadalists I have a new master now!

June 13, 2007

Biggest Mac OS X update ever? Introducing Leopard...


Apple has spoken out about the new features (300+ apparently) in the forthcoming new operating system OS X Leopard, at this weeks WWDC. There are some cool features worth looking at, if not only for the "jazzy" UI. It all looks just so smooth. Of course, if you're not an Apple user you may not be too impressed, but you have to hand it to their UI designers for creating such a simple, yet attractive UI that their jealous Microsoft cousins can only attempt to recreate.

Take a look at the videos and new features here.

May 25, 2007


I've been using Tumblr recently and I really love it. It's a small blogging service which concentrates on making it very quick and easy to add lots of bits and pieces of different content and not on writing long wordy posts.

A couple of things which are particularly good are: the grabbable bookmark (allowing you to very easily grab almost any content from the website you're looking at and re-post it to tumblr); and the RSS integration tool (which can pull in any content you add to any of your favourite web2.0 sites or any RSS feeed). It also formats different content in a pleasantly different way meaning the resulting weblog look really quite nice.

A very good example of a service which adds value simply by making something which is fairly easy and fun to do even more easy and more fun and just.... better. If Orange wanted to provide some kind of blogging tool to it's customers which integrated easily with the all services their techy customers already use, but was easy enough for even the grannies to start playing with this would be just about perfect.

Oh yeah and here's a link to mine ;-)

April 25, 2007

Apple Wins Design Award, But not for its products!

Apple wins design award – not exactly shocking news these days. But how about this: Apple has won Creative Review’s first Design Studio of the Year award, but NOT for its products.

This award is for its graphics and packaging. Apple, it seems understands that the packaging of its products is all part of the experience. Opening, for example, a MacBook is a piece of theatre.

Everything inside is made with care and attention to detail. Just comparing the average Apple box with one of its competitors’ tells you all you need to know about the differing values of the brands. Just one quibble though – all that polystyrene is lovely to look at, but we hope that greener alternatives are on the way.


April 18, 2007

More Ambient Data

There's talk of people being given free energy monitors as a way to encourage reduced energy usage in the home.

"You have a little sensor in your meter cupboard that measures how much energy you are using, and you have a small display that you can carry around the house."

This sounds great and even better that they're giving them away for free.

It'd be cool if as well as talking to the sensor under the stairs it could also get information from a Livebox.

Microsoft Silverlight


Silverlight  is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web.

Hmmm, Silverlight, that sorta sounds a bit like Flash doesn't it?!

April 17, 2007

Webby Awards Nominees


Want to see great web design and inspiration? Well the Webby Awards nominees page is a great place to start. With a plethora of categories for nominees to be entered under it provides an impressive snap shot of the current state of the web. Winners are announced on 1st May.

One stand-out site for me is Bannerblog, entered under the Business Blog category. I'm trawling their archives now for inspiration for my next "interactive gif".

March 07, 2007

Mobile Phones for OAP's

Why is this taking so long? Emporia Telecom (Austria) at the 3GSM congress in Barcelona showcased a phone designed to be used by old people. The handset they developed has no digital camera, Internet access or instant messaging capabilities, but it does include a button to call relatives or friends in an emergency, is compatible with hearing aids and can run on regular AAA batteries. None of the mainstream handset manufacturers has launched an oldies phone, but some appear to have recognised that enthusiasm for new products and flash handsets is not shared by everyone. This quote is pretty unbelievable: "Finnish manufacturer Nokia, which has a strong reputation for simplicity, has so far desisted from launching a special phone for the elderly" because their market research didn't show strong demand. Phone_old_people

March 01, 2007

The Museum of Lost Interactions

Killerimage_acoustograph Did you know that  Richophone, invented in 1901, was a "multi-player based game found in prestigious hotels and cafe's in and around London. The game was played from special Richophone booths, where players connected to the game through a system of telephones. The prizes to be won were very generous."

Neither did I, but the Museum of Lost Interactions has an interesting collection of forgotten items all the way from the beginning of the 20th century. In addition to the multi-player game, there's Acoustograph, used to request musical compositions down telegraph wire. Sounds like Napster or iTunes, doesn't it. This one was invented in 1925.

Now, I find it difficult to believe these are real. It sounds too much like a April's Fool, but then they say that reality is weirder than fiction. You make your own mind up.

February 14, 2007

Interactive Film


Flash has enabled us to get video online for a while now. It's great to see it used as a creative and innovative way for users to interact with a brand. glue are the most respected digital agency in the UK (official). You may have seen some excellent mini cooper ads, well that was them.

The Ave a Word campaign is for a special beefed-up mini cooper that is for manly men, men who are not in touch with their feminine sides, men like Dave who refuse to wear gloves. Apparently mini's haven't been selling all that well to this type of man. Ave a Word is a viral that really engages male users and their mates using personalised video clips compiled from a database according to a few personal details. The video is all shot especially for broadcasting on the web too, so it doesn't look like rubbishy youtube footage.

I did one for Dave and heard him laughing from his gut a few times, and he was also bamboozled with the cutting edge technology - very impressive indeed.

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