September 12, 2007

Is Apple about to switch typefaces to Myriad? And go 2D?


This might be the Mac-geekiest thing I've ever seen. Sharp-eyed reader Morgan W has a flickr pool of signs around the Apple campus in Cupertino, and notes that three of their newest building signs (at Bandley Five, Six, and Eight) have an updated logo with no 3D effect, and use Myriad for the font instead of Garamond, which the old signs used.

April 13, 2007

found on flickr

lush set of vintage adverts conveniently gathered by ex-novo, to entice you in here's a blanket:


February 23, 2007

Orange: Rugby Push


Rugby, is a relatively lesser known sport in India. As title sponsors of the All-India South Asia Rugby tournament, Orange wanted to create a buzz about Rugby in Mumbai.

Click on the image to view a bigger version.

Orange World Wide Advertising

I've just been looking at Ads of the a great site for discovering some really cool advertising campaigns used outside the UK. You can browse by media, Region and Industry. I was slightly suprised there isn't a telecoms category, however I did find a couple of campaigns from our Orange cousins.

This one was created by an Israeli agency."Imagine the beautiful things you can do with 200 minutes of airtime"



If you ever need to design an online banner but have run out of creative juices, just take a look at bannerblog for the best online banner advertising. Bannerblog was set-up in 2005 so has hundreds of examples now and offers a searchable database.


February 14, 2007

Interactive Film


Flash has enabled us to get video online for a while now. It's great to see it used as a creative and innovative way for users to interact with a brand. glue are the most respected digital agency in the UK (official). You may have seen some excellent mini cooper ads, well that was them.

The Ave a Word campaign is for a special beefed-up mini cooper that is for manly men, men who are not in touch with their feminine sides, men like Dave who refuse to wear gloves. Apparently mini's haven't been selling all that well to this type of man. Ave a Word is a viral that really engages male users and their mates using personalised video clips compiled from a database according to a few personal details. The video is all shot especially for broadcasting on the web too, so it doesn't look like rubbishy youtube footage.

I did one for Dave and heard him laughing from his gut a few times, and he was also bamboozled with the cutting edge technology - very impressive indeed.

February 05, 2007

look what hands can do

new VW commercial for the "phaeton".
uses some very imaginative and clever hand puppetry....
magical almost :)

Giraffe vw add

now wash your hands

which one are you?...just proves you should never eat the nutz in your local.

Nowwashyourhands now wash your hands

January 26, 2007

Lego: child's imagination

Lego1Lego2Lego3_1 Lego4

Lego is the best toy the world has ever seen (even transformers!). This ad campaign feeds off what lego is about and that is imagination. A seemingly simple idea that conjures up so much.

January 16, 2007

co-create tools - award-winning ideas

With a starry client list, DDB have perfected a method of connecting brands with customers, they call it co-creation. The How We Work section on their cute website lets you in on the secrets to their success, gathering inspiration and ideas from an innovative variety of sources.


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