February 08, 2008



"Singularity  is the first large-scale online web conference in the world.

Singularity is over 100 of the world’s top web visionaries, developers, designers, thought leaders, and celebrities.

Singularity is three days of talks over multiple tracks.

In 2008, Singularity will define Web ‘08."

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September 21, 2007

Thermo @ Max

Is this a dream product???

You will lead a highly motivated team developing an innovative new tool, codenamed Thermo, that will enable designers and creatively inclined developers to easily build rich internet applications and interactive content. “Thermo” will streamline the process of adding interactivity, behavior and motion to creative assets and will work seamlessly with both Adobe’s Creative Suite tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and Flash, and with developer oriented tools such as Flex Builder.

Thermo is a strategic project for Adobe. It will enable designers to more efficiently build the richer experiences that are reshaping the internet and give developers greater control over creative assets without leaving the development paradigm that fits the way they work.

Found while having a nosey here.

And it looks like the cats out the bag... Thermo will be forming a big part of the keynote at Adobe Max (Europe) in a couple of weeks.

June 04, 2007

Ta Da! 2012 Games logo unveiled

London_new_pink Deary me... so the current vogue for all things 80s has finally permeated through to the new logo for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

I guarantee that this will look pony in 5 years time.

What was wrong with this? (At least you can see the river Thames in it)

Story via.

April 17, 2007

Webby Awards Nominees


Want to see great web design and inspiration? Well the Webby Awards nominees page is a great place to start. With a plethora of categories for nominees to be entered under it provides an impressive snap shot of the current state of the web. Winners are announced on 1st May.

One stand-out site for me is Bannerblog, entered under the Business Blog category. I'm trawling their archives now for inspiration for my next "interactive gif".

March 14, 2007

CS3 launch

Ps3 Incase you haven't already, bookmark this page to attend the CS3 launch webcast. Adobe are promising us a new era so don't be an old grandad and get stuck with your antiquarian CS2.

January 19, 2007



"NO SPECTATORS, ONLY PARTICIPANTS"... That's what it says in the rules!

BarCampLondon2  is essentially a tech/geek event designed to bring together the t/g community in London.

I anticipate there will be some great people there, presenting some great topics but I've only recently dipped my toe into the world of t/g events attending the LFPUG, plus I don't have to present at that one!

Maybe next time.

Linked from here.

December 19, 2006

Big Video Event in London

Videoforum Massive event over 3 days with loads of things to look at if you are in to producing moving images for any platform - there is a theatre dedicated to mobile/streaming/IPTV etc. Look beyond the sales stalls, it isn't just for production people with huge amounts of cash to spend; the seminar programme is even bigger than last year's event - I can report that it was well worth it, so should be again this year.


November 24, 2006

What the F**K Is Parkour? takes gold

The Smalls  announce their winners after taking it to the Apple Store.

September 28, 2006

Roll up for a Design extravaganza


I've no idea how this one slipped by but with just two days to go the London Design Festival certainly packs it in with plenty of free stuff on offer...

Ah well, there's always next year.

Films for wee people...


Actually, The Smalls is a showcase of small films for small screens.

It’s a celebration of the enormous creative possibilities offered by the latest generation of MP3 players and mobile phones.

Running for just two days (27th & 28th) at Thomas Neal’s Centre Earlham Street,  Covent Garden WC2

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